Orbán, Kaczyński and the Search for Adequate Partners in the West

Миша Ђурковић ORCID logo

Published on 16 December 2022

АBSTRACT: In the paper, the author deals with the issue of the new radical right in Europe and its realignment from pro-Russian to pro-NATO positions. He first presents the profiles of Viktor Orbán and Jaroslaw Kaczyński and the ideology of the new right they embody. These are followed by a brief history of the rise of the radical right in the West since 2000, including the last wave from 2015 to 2019, which is when some of these parties took power in their respective countries. He then discusses the main hypothesis, which shows how, with the help of the right-wing part of the American establishment, an operation was conducted to reduce the strength of the right-wing forces that had good contacts with Russia (like the Lega or the FPO) at the expense of the parts of the right that accepted the anti-Russian rhetoric.

KEY WORDS: radical right, immigration, parties, Viktor Orbán, Jaroslaw Kaczyński.