Sustainable Development – Where is Serbia in Fulfilling Agenda 2030 Goals?

Vladimir Ristanović ORCID logo

Published on 17 August 2022

ABSTRACT: Contemporary global trends imply formulating the international policy based on sustainable development. Nowadays, a holistic approach to development is prevalent, according to which the priority is the formation of a coherent national development policy based on the United Nations Agenda 2030 adopted by all member states in 2015. The focus of the analysis of this paper is on sustainable development indicators in Serbia for the 2010-2019 period. The aim of the paper is to analyse sustainable development indicators at the level of Serbia, compare them with the indicators at the EU level, and determine the best approach to introducing of indicators into national development strategies. The results showed that sustainable development indicators in Serbia lag behind the EU average. These indicators have improved in recent years after the crisis, but additional effort is needed to mobilize all available resources to achieve the set goals. According to the official statistics, Serbia has the record of over 47% of the sustainable development indicators in mid-2022, and the introduction of the remaining ones at the national level may be imperative for future research.

KEY WORDS: Sustainable Development, SDGs, Serbia, European Union, Serbia.